Length of advertising video per desired video

What most of companies who love to share their own advertising with the internet don’t get, is how much are users willing to bear. In other words: Who the hell doesn’t get annoyed or angry when a company wants to force you to watch a one minute advertising video in order to let you watch a 15 seconds video?

This is exactly what companies don’t get: There is a ratio about how long the maximum lenght of an advertising video should be in order to not let people become angry at your brand. Because what a company does then is the complete opposite of what it wants.

This ratio is called lenght of advertising video per lenght of video the user wants to watch. What the numbers are exactly – seriously I have no idea. But 1:1 or more ads is too much. In other words: Just taking the tv ads and throw it onto internet videos will not do the trick. Shorten it, produce new ones or stay at home.

Setting up a server, runnig it, maintaining it – why so complicated?

Nowadays running a simple e.g. Apache Webserver with a SQL database and deploying a Java application to it, is pure horror. And to be honest I have no idea how we became stuck in this nightmare a billion (estimated) years ago. Everybody wants technology better, faster, cooler – nobody wants server administration or software development better, faster, cooler. I just don’t get it.

Media, politics and everyone (even Bill Gates) often talks about how we should easen software development in order to get more younger software developer. Still software development is a user experience nightmare. I already talked about how complicated it is to develope a database in a team and track changes including deployment (in general it is complicated enough), but today I want to rant a little bit about server administration in general.

  1. OS User Interface: Most of the server I’ve seen are command prompt based Unix server where they allow you to connect to it via powershell. Why on earth should anybody do that? I don’t get it. This is the worst, what makes it impossible for a newb to administrate a server and run his or her own application on it. Give them a graphic interface of a normal OS and let them connect via something simple as a remote connect on windows.
  2. “Server User Interface”: What I want as a server administrator is a single program from which I can administrate all my server related stuff. My tomcat, my databases, user-accounts etc. pp. I can even imagine it still with a command prompt on the bottom of the window of this mysterious new server administration tool which even displays the commands which happen when you click a button. This tool is available on the server, it does not shut down tomcat or whatever when you close it, it can also be run remote and also over multiple servers. Would be great, nah?
  3. Update/Upgrade Automation: Have you seen how Software Updates work on WordPress? See.
  4. Deployment Tools: If a *.war file or a database update is ready to be deployed, it should be done like a file upload with all the automations from point 3/wordpress updates, which also means an automated maintenance mode set and disabled in the end. In a database update it would be great if it already checks what changes were made and tries to “update” the already existing database with some kind of conflict manager.

And these are only the most obvious parts of it.