Moral Machine – moral decisions for self-driving cars

Self-driving cars are here. They can be better drivers than any human being can ever be. It is just a matter of time, till they’re in any new car.

Still, there is a major issue about it. They can decide faster and better, but somebody has to tell them how to decide. Often it’s easy, sometimes hard moral decisions have to be made. For example if you have to decide in either driving into 50 people or only one person. A lot of people will say one for 50 is better than 50 for one.

More complicated: German law forbids to rank human lifes. If an airplane with two persons in it will crash into a tower causing thousands of deaths – the plane cannot be shot. This is a relict of the Third Reich and their ideology.

But sometimes those decisions have to be made. MIT is researching and illustrating those moral decisions. Better: They build a website so everybody can start “judging”.

Try it out:

Cloud in the Public Administration and how to achieve it

Recently I worked with colleagues on a publication for my company. It is a so called “Point of View” and will have a look on why it makes sense to use the (private and public) cloud in the Public Administration. Furthermore it will describe a reference architecture with which to integrate cloud services in Public Administration organizations.

It is only available in German, but if you’re interested, have a look at it here:

Point of View – Digitalisierung über die Bundescloud hinaus

It is also available on our official Capgemini homepage:

Point of View – Digitalisierung über die Bundescloud hinaus (Capgemini Link)