About me

My name is Andreas Lutz and I am a generalist in the field of information systems with focus on architecting and transforming – I design, consult, engineer and develop. Which is why I have a passion for building (browser-based) beautiful, focused and tremendously structured IT-products which fit in the environment. And love to help people do that. Lately I feel more and more at home in the (Enterprise) Architecture world. I just love to bring structure to Enterprise IT and give the organization the innovational strenght and flexibility it needs to survive in today’s world.

As I started in my teenage years with a lot of web design work, I always admired design and optics and hated unstructured or ugly presented information – I still do today. I like to optimize and automate (development) processes with IT and am a “make-it-work-guy”. Give it to me and I make it work. I might have no idea on how to make it work, but I know how I get the information to make it work. The focus changed over time from development more to architecting, but somehow stayed the same: I am still a “make-it-work-guy”.

I studied Business Studies and Internation Information Systems in Nuremberg, Germany and Chennai, India. Therefore I also have a faible for companies and organizations, building and developing them and always think entrepreneurial. I am also a “people-guy” – empathetic, helpful and generous. I believe in working together the right way, with great team spirit and having fun together, can solve more problems easier than the general skillset of a group could do. This is what I am always heading for.

As much as I have the talent in structurizing information and presenting it in an organized way, I am far away from being a topselleing author. I am working on it.